What is HashtagNicki?

When I first started HashtagNicki in the summer of 2015, I was planning to mainly utilize this space as a writing portfolio. I was in the midst of beginning the necessary preparation for applying to a doctoral program and I figured if I could showcase my writing on a public sphere, it would give my application some more credibility. Over the course of that summer and the beginning of 2016, the focus began to shift.

 Although I still use this space in the hopes of bolstering my writing portfolio, it has now become a space in which I share my creativity and personal opinions and thoughts on issues. It is now a place that I can share my journey and encourage others to embark on various journeys with me, and where we can share with each other, our experiences.

 Since the start of 2016, HashtagNicki has begun undergoing serious revisions in an attempt to create a space that would house all of my creative pursuits as well as provide my sometimes unwarranted opinions and thoughts. It is the birthing place of my entrepreneurial expansion and confirmation of my ambitions.


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