I composed my very first post on this blog on January 24, 2015. The post was entitled, “…What Shall We Name It?” and it was meant to be the anchor for the content that would follow it. Unfortunately, since that date, my blog has taken many dips and curves in quality content. I found myself focused primarily on myself and my wants and desires, detailing things I wanted to do with little to no action of actually doing them, and succumbing to my emotional fits as I saw best- in lengthy unedited blog posts with more than its share of grammatical errors.I will admit when I first created this blog, I was ambitious. I had high hopes and aspirations, many of which fell flat the moment I took conversation of this blog and made it a reality. 

I’m not sure when I lost all sense of direction, but the assumption is it came from trying to run from my responsibilities and wanting to justify the running away from them. I mean, most of the content of this blog has focused on my struggles with parenting my daughter effectively, my ineffective communication in my relationship, and my overtly lax attitude in accomplishing my goals. 

Just thinking about some of my earlier posts has me cringing in my seat and wondering if I should just delete them. But I won’t. 

The issue I’ve been unconsciously dealing with has been acceptance of my younger and naïve self; the girl who was so ambitious that she would throw money at the wind thinking that it would manifest into millions. I used to be a firm believer that the more I complained, degraded, and beat myself up that somehow things would turn around in my favor. I honestly believed that in doing those things I was being modest about my talents and abilities.

But that’s the beauty of blogging, it’s meant to be this physical copy of your thoughts as you had them on this journey that we call life. So no matter how much I cringe at my novice posts, I know that I have since grown and that I am no longer that same naïve little girl. I have grown up. I have matured and I am much more composed than she was. I’m accepting of her character flaws (or at least trying to learn to be) and know that a flaw is only a flaw if you let it be. 

With all of that being said, I’m announcing some major changes that will be taking place over the course of this month. For starters, I’m in the works of obtaining my own domain (yay!) and twitter account (double yay!). It has been a long journey of doing research and trying not to overwhelm myself, but this process has also been very rewarding.

So what does this mean to you, my faithful readers and those who are simply stumbling across this blog for the first time? It means that you can expect much better quality posts in these upcoming days and months. That instead of a confusing maze of topics, things will be much easier to sort through and decipher. 

When I first created this blog, I intended for it to be the launching ground of the business I wanted to start and be the element that I can use to convince an admissions board to accept me into their doctorate program. That sentiment hasn’t changed, but what has changed is how I plan to execute all of that. So be on the lookout for updates. I’m finally stepping my game up. 


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