Save the Drama

The classic formula for any story is that there is a hero and there is a villain. There is some sort of fight or adversity that must be conquered to lead to a happy ending. You will rarely find yourself reading anything that strays from that very equation. 
Life isn’t easy, but the challenge is to simply not make it harder for yourself than it needs to be.
At the start of the year, I had this vigor that I wouldn’t let this year be anything short of great. This would be the year that I got into graduate school, wrote a novel, developed my author platform, and officially started my business. It would also be the year that I was hoping I’d be closing the distance with my boyfriend and we’d moving in together. I had big plans, but as the year unfolded, I found myself essentially dealing with blow after blow each month until I ended up here. Angry, bitter, impatient, and upset that none of the things I had said I had wanted to achieve back in January are any closer to being achieved.
Today, as I sat at my desk starting my day, I shared my anguish (cause I was being melodramatic) with my boyfriend about how I couldn’t create the Mother’s Day gifts I had wanted to create for his mother and my mom, and that I would have to succumb to ordering something via Amazon Prime for each of them. He told me not to worry about it because he would be doing the same. It was at that point that I decided I should pray and thank God that while money has been tight since January, I haven’t necessarily felt just how tight it really is. 
In the course of praying, I found myself praying for the people that I had sworn I would never include in my prayers because they were the main culprits of what I defined as my misfortune and roadblocks in life. Yet, there I was praying for them and praying for forgiveness for making enemies out them and feeling relieved once it was all over.
In the time span of maybe five minutes, I realized that I have been trying to recreate that storybook formula in my own life and in every aspect of it. I’ve been creating enemies out of people I’m not particularly fond of and treating them as if they are the roadblocks in my life keeping me from obtaining greatness and happiness. In actuality, they are merely bystanders going about their day, often times completing unfazed by my presence the way I am with theirs.
It was hard to swallow, but it was the truth. I couldn’t say that any of those individuals were intentionally going out of their way, every day, to make me miserable. Most days, I didn’t see or even have contact with them, but I let the fact that I had declared them enemies to rattle me day in and day out. The mere sight of their faces made me square my shoulders and plan ways in which I could make the fact that I was ignoring them obvious. If they noticed or not, is a completely different story. 
But it made me think about all the “enemies” I’ve had growing up and how many of them were actually “enemies” and ones I fabricated for the sake of having an interesting life story. A few people come to mind as I ponder on this, people, who to this day, I have distrust and dislike for. The exception is that now I’ve realized that a lot of the conflicts and cattiness that I reserved for them was unwarranted. They had done no greater injustice to me than what I had done to myself. For the most part, they are living life completely unfazed about the fact that I have labelled them “enemy” in every re-telling of the past events of my life. I’m also almost sure that they aren’t even giving my name nearly as much credit for their lives turning out the way it did.
I’ve just been so caught up in creating drama, so I could say I overcame, that I’ve been forgetting to just live life and overcome the actual obstacles that are in the way. So with that said, I’m no longer going to concentrate my efforts on defining who is or isn’t my enemy, but instead focus on my goals and achieving them.


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