Last night, I attended an open house for a school my boyfriend has affectionately dubbed, “Black Excellence,” and no sooner had I been given the tour and spoken to the Director, I was sold on the school. Why wouldn’t I want to send my daughter to a school that prides itself on creating academically well-rounded students and pushing them to excel? Or a school that recognizes the failure of the education system and are actively working on fixing those issues within their own domain so that their students can stand apart from the rest? I mean, everything about this school is just perfect.
The only issue is, it’s expensive.
$7,500/year isn’t chump change. Especially when you have other expenses to take care of as well and a looming student loan debt reminding you that your deferment ends soon and it needs to be repaid. And more importantly, the expense of this MFA I am about to acquire.
It’s moments like these that I feel the urge to reach out to my ex and tell him he needs to help out. That he can’t expect me to continue to accommodate him and his lackluster efforts, and not help support the child he helped to create. But I know the mere mention of an expense sends him running in the opposite direction, asking me essentially postpone enrollment or find a cheaper option, cause he has bills that need to be paid. 
But at least I have my boyfriend, who although I’m not asking him to, has already discussed pricing with me and how we could possibly making it work. I also have a best friend who is also willing to help pitch in to get my daughter enrolled and attending a school she loved just as much as I did, during the open house. And I am forever grateful for this support system.
I just need to figure out, aside from them volunteering to help, how to make this work. My daughter has her assessment on Friday (which is Godsend, since she doesn’t have school that day and no one could get the day off to be with her) for the school. After that assessment, I will get a verdict regarding admissions (if they want her or if I should keep looking) and then given a contract that I will need to complete and return with the down deposit for her space in the school (enrollment fee, parent dues, general fee, and first month’s tuition). It’s a lot of money to hand off, right off the back, but it’s worth it.
I have attended private schools my entire life and when I discussed the tuition of this school with my mom, she didn’t even gasp at the price. She said she was paying a similar price for me to attend private schools. If my mom can make the sacrifice, than I can make the same sacrifices. I refuse to give my daughter less than what I had growing up, because a good parent gives their child everything they had and more. Plus, this school gives the kids Kindles and Ipads for homework, which they get to keep when they graduate from their respective programs. That’s more than I ever got going to school.
The school is just the perfect fit for her. And although there is one more school to look at, I feel like it just won’t compare to this one. I mean, this school essentially has the same educational philosophies I have. 
I just have to figure out how to make I work.


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