It’s Spring!!!

Spring is here!
Okay, it’s not, but with it under 12 days away, it might as well be. Already, I’m seeing the Easter decorations everywhere. I’m watching as some people gather up Easter eggs and baskets and piles of candy and little trinkets, while others peruse the premade baskets deciding which one is ideal for their child. I just completed my Easter basket shopping and am more than ready to get started on putting it altogether, excited about the face of my daughter, nephew, and friend’s kids when I hand them theirs. 
But aside from the excitement of Easter and making Easter baskets (something I look forward to every year) I’m enjoying the fresh air and the warmth of the sun. 
In January, my optimism was at an all-time high with me declaring that this year, I would obtain everything it is that I wanted. And for the most part, I worked really hard to ensure that everything was at least properly planned out for execution. By the time February came around, I found myself feeling slightly jilted, with a waning optimism, as it felt like I couldn’t keep the momentum I had in January going. By the time March started, I found myself dealing with a serious bout of stress and anger. So to be here, right now, feeling optimistic once again and not overwhelming myself with the details like I had in the past couple of months, I can’t help but want to celebrate.
A part of me just wants to go into a store and buy myself a brand new wardrobe, while the other part of me is reminding me of this contract fee that I need to pay if my daughter’s assessment goes well on Friday. A part of me is screaming, let’s begin, while another part of me is saying let’s just enjoy the moment. As torn as I am regarding what I should be doing right now in this moment, it hasn’t stopped me from smiling and inhaling the fresh crisp air.
I feel like now my hibernation is over, it’s time to get serious and actually get to work. I’ve been putting off a lot of things, promising myself that “soon” I would get to them. As much as I want to work out and whip my body into the shape that I want, I have been lackadaisical in my approach. And as much as I have argued that I will finish one project and not jump around, I’ve been bouncing around and keeping myself unfocused in the process. 
Spring, or rather the eve of it, has brought about this new surge of energy in me. A newfound motivation and desire. But instead of me focusing on getting it all down on paper and making sure my bases are covered, I’m ready to just do it. That is a new phenomenon for me. I have grown so used to essentially sitting around saying I want something and not doing anything about obtaining it, that now that I have the urge to do something about it, I’m not sure if I know where to begin. Thank God for those months of nothing but preparation and planning, cause now I know where I should be starting and what the end product should look like, even if I don’t have the logistics of how to get from point A to point B. But what’s most important here, is the fact that I’m ready to do more than write and talk about my plans. I’m finally ready to execute them.
So Happy Spring! And here’s hoping that the start of this season brings about just the right surge of energy to help get you up on your feet as well.


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