Rebranding. Renewing.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to present a more professional version of myself. I wanted to eliminate the personal and focus on my ambitions and working towards those ambitions. I had asserted that this blog would have helped push into my grad school goals and ultimate admission into the doctoral program.

Now, with a rejection letter in hand, weeks and month long hiatus from this space, I’m realizing that maybe, it’s time to rebrand it’s purpose.

I think I’ve shared before that usually when it comes to this stage, I’m ready to scrap everything I’ve done up until this point and start fresh, but I don’t want to do that. I want to build on what I currently have. I want to continue to grow as a writer and the only way to really do that is to stick it out, instead of abandoning project after project when it doesn’t turn out as expected.

Saturday, I began my rebranding efforts. I even decided to give some of my published pieces a facelift and in the process, I discovered an unsatisfying review. One of my more recent publications got a one-star review and the reviewer warned all against purchasing or even indulging in the tale. Almost immediately I felt disheartened and upset that I had missed this review in the first place. And before I knew it, I was ready to scrap the notion of rebranding and reimaging and curl up into a ball of despair.

But something inside of me told me it wasn’t worth it. After all, it was one review. Maybe the issue was that I was selling false promises of what the piece would cover instead of facts. The piece is a short story. There aren’t chapters, but sections. There is little character background, because it isn’t the premise of the piece. I had marketed the piece all wrong. I’m sure the reviewer thought she was about to enjoy a full length novel detailing the inner workings of a relationship, than quick anecdotal memory clips that progressed the story along to showcase how a friendship had changed over the course of time because of some romantic tension.

And perhaps, I also should have done more in providing context for the piece, but who said first pieces are immediate best sellers.

Regardless, if anything, Saturday night proved how vital rebranding is for me. So that’s the path I’m on, especially as I’m beginning to recognize my distinct writing style and realizing that isn’t for everyone.

Cause let’s face it, everything isn’t always for everyone, so it’s important that I make sure I’m addressing the right audience at all times.


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