I Didn’t Get Accepted

I didn’t get in. 

Months of preparing, then wondering if I should still apply, and then applying, and getting references, and taking the GRE, and then getting the interview, and I didn’t get in. Months of mentally preparing and prepping for a move, right down to researching areas and schools for my daughter to attend, and pricing out tuition and rent, and mapping out distances to everything, and making plans for my tax return to be used to secure an apartment, all wasted efforts because I didn’t get in.


Now I have to make a decision if I should still be moving to Maryland before year end or not, or if I’m going to stay put in NY. And it’s not even a decision I can hem and haw over because February is coming to a close and with it comes the closing window to admissions to kindergartens. So I have to make a decision today regarding it. Do I stay or do I go? Cause if I stay, I have to free up my schedule starting next week to view and review some schools in the area and make a decision about which one, I’m now going to use my tax refund on to enroll my daughter in. But if I go, then I need to call schools in the Maryland area, secure employment, and figure out what to do in terms of an apartment.


And once that’s complete, I have to work on my writing portfolio, so I can apply for my MFA, my plan B if I wasn’t accepted, so that I can hopefully start that program soon, pending admission, although, I’m willing to apply to more than one school for it.


It’s just, I’m now facing the biggest hurdle, that I didn’t think I would have had to approach because those admission results would have decided it for me.


At the end of the day, I know I’ll be okay, even though I didn’t get in. It’s just I can’t be okay, until I have a new plan of action figured out.


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