Surprisingly, it hasn’t been nearly as difficult to come across lately as it once was. Maybe it has been the daily meditation that I’ve been incorporating into my day or the fact that I’ve been physically preparing for each day the night prior. Or maybe it’s my vision board and the way one by one, I’m doing exactly everything I have listed on it.
 I’m a firm believer in writing things down and capturing them on paper. That the moment you write your goals down and put them in plain sight, you will begin to work towards and accomplish them without even realizing it.

 I remember when the whole notion of vision board was first introduced to me. It was during a New Year’s service at my church and my Pastor had challenged everyone in the congregation to create one. I took it at face value and thought of what I would put on my vision board without ever putting it down on paper. Thankfully, we never had present these vision boards.

 Truth be told, I was looking for the easiest way to craft a vision board without actually having to put in significant work to do so. I considered creating one on Pinterest, which I’ve heard is a perfect place to craft a digital one and which makes perfect sense if your vision board is decorated with magazine cut-outs and quotes. But as much as I love Pinterest for crafting out my vision of my ideal wedding day decorum, it wasn’t a feasible vision board for me. There was more than one time that I had forgotten what I had pinned on the website and more than once that I had neglected the website months at a time. If I had begun to put together any sort of vision of my life there, it was easily forgotten.

 That’s when I decided that maybe I should make an actual vision board, but instead of covering it with different pictures, I’d cover it with written out goals for myself to accomplish. I pinned it to the back of my bedroom door and I let it stay there for a little over a year, passing it daily, glimpsing my goals, and continuing on with life. It wasn’t until the board had started to look aged that I finally took it down and realized just how much I had accomplished on that board.

 After that amazing moment of self-accomplishment, I’ve never forsaken the vision board again. Each time, I made my goals just a bit more realistic, but also lofty enough that it had to be worked towards. I put things down on it that I didn’t really plan on completing, but hoped that I would. At the end of the year, I would look it over, pulling off the post-its that littered it containing my goals and ambitions that I had accomplished and replacing them with new ones.

 As December came to an end, I couldn’t help but smile at how much I was able to accomplish in the time span of a year. And as I listed my new goals and ambitions for this year, I couldn’t help but feel accomplished without even completing one of them.

 January hasn’t even ended yet and already I’m accomplishing goals on it. Needless to say, I’m never going back to a vision board-less life.


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