2016 Goals

2015 hasn’t ended yet, but already I’m focused on my goals for 2016. Besides, no one ever said that you couldn’t prepare goals for the new year until New Year’s Eve. So with that said, I’ve prepared goals for the upcoming year.

Starting in January, my obligations and time constraints will greatly lessen. Before the end of December I will have completed my degree and those late nights that I spent completing homework and writing assignments will be done with. I will be free to watch TV without worrying about not having completed my work yet, but more importantly, I’ll be able to write without feeling as though it needs to take a backburner because I have a paper that is due within the next two hours.
 As simple as it is to say that I want to write more in 2016, it’s more than just writing that I’m prepared to list as a goal. I want to publish at least five pieces within that year. This can include anything I self-publish or things that a magazine or other writing platform may publish on my behalf with my consent and permission. So the goal is five pieces of published work.

 Due to all this free time that I will be soon inheriting, another goal is to actually relax and enjoy this break from school related work and stress. This goes behind finally catching up on those shows that I’ve missed over the course of the year, but taking time to enjoy reading those books that I haven’t quite started yet and indulging in video games. I download so many books and games regularly, that I’m actually backed up on reading and playing them. More importantly, I’m backed up on actually determining if I enjoy some of them or not.

 Plus, I want to vacation. Actually vacation and not have to bring my laptop along for the ride. So at least one planned vacation that will last an entire week, cause I deserve it. And I deserve for it not to be the kind I usually take with my family where I don’t get the peace and relaxation I deserve because I’m entertaining extended family by answering their constant questions of how I’ve been doing since the last time they saw me.

 I want to take care of myself. I’m not sure who or what to blame for my lack of self-care, but I’m determined to not let it remain a factor in the new year. I actually want to take pride in how I dress. I want to take better care of my hair, skin, and nails. I want to not succumb to the same five outfits that I try to rotate week by week in the hopes of no one noticing that I’ve got a pattern going on here, of which pants I wear on what day and what sweater I couple with it.

 I want to save. The goal for the new year is to save up at least $5000. I’m not quite sure how I’ll do it, but it’s the goal. Besides, I need to save up that much to ensure that my move is as seamless as possible when it happens in August 2016. So I’m prepared to start saving, starting today, if I can (I mean, it’s only $500/month, if I start now).

 I want to ensure security in the move. Time is dwindling down and I’m ready to acknowledge it and create a timeline to complete everything that must be completed, to ensure that that it happens without delay. So outside of saving money, I want to ensure that I have a means to get by once I move. So if it means getting a transfer from my job or getting something else altogether, I’m ready. If it means holding off on my doctorate or completing a different doctorate program, then I’m ready. If it means moving earlier than intended, then I’m ready. I want to make sure that everything is prepared for, for any of these situations so that I don’t end up with a sudden migraine if they do. I want to be prepared.

 And there are slew of other goals that I have lined up for the new year as well, but these are the most important ones. And the most fleshed out.


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