’tis the season

I’m planning on moving soon. The holidays are rapidly approaching. I have way too many things, many that I haven’t used, worn, or touched since getting them. With that said, tis the season for donating and consigning.

I’ve never done this before, but after thinking about the slew of things currently cluttering my room that could use a new home, I’ve decided, why not look into consignment shops and donation centers that I can give these items to instead. As much as my parents mean well, by hoarding everything we’ve outgrown and trying to pass them off to some relative in the Caribbean to salvage, I much rather cut the shipping costs and the ineffective chasing down of relatives to determine what size they were and the debate of if something will fit them. It’s time I took matters into my own hands. I have a couple of dresses that I’ve worn once and probably won’t ever wear again. Like that dress I wore for my friend’s wedding. It was well worth the money, but it’s time it gets a new home. I’m just never going to wear it again. Plus, I’d much rather buy a new dress than dig through my closet for something, pray it still fits me, and hope no one remembers the last time I wore it. With that said, I have a lot of dresses that I’m ready to give up and part with. There are also a lot of clothes that my daughter has that I’m also ready and willing to part with. Some I wish I could have parted with as soon as I got them.

 Plus, my daughter has a bunch of toys. Way too many toys for a child her age to be exact. Many of them have been boxed away in corners that she can’t reach and has no interest in exploring. And with the holidays right around the corner, it makes perfect sense to donate them. I’m sure there are plenty of children out there that would love to get some toys for the holiday season. Or rather toys period. And most of hers are still in a very good shape. There are even some really good educational ones that barely got touched.

 So while this weekend, I’m technically going to be celebrating my daughter’s birthday with family, I’m also planning on cleaning out a few things from our closet and preparing for the holiday season.

 Now it’s just a matter of where to start. Where exactly does one find a consignment shop and how does one actually consign items? And more importantly, which donation center should I donate our items to?


One thought on “’tis the season

  1. solarflowerchild says:

    I tend to donate my items to the Salvation Army or Good Will. I’ve never used consignment shops before but you usually just google some that are in your area. And you consign the items by the seller contacting you when your item is sold and you get a set portion of the profit made on that sale. Another way of donation that I started to do that I actually want a foundation of is making gift baskets for the homeless with every day essential and/or old items I no longer use. Hand them out and the left overs, take to a shelter and hand them out myself. I hope this helped 🙂


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