A New Chapter

If I learned anything over this weekend it’s that I’ve finally entered the next chapter of my life and am now just filling the pages of it, until it’s time to start the next chapter.

Just last week I was antsy and filled with this overwhelming worry that I was trapped with no way out and slowly suffocating. Now, I’m motivated and smiling from ear to ear with a much happier outlook on life. The weekend I just spent with my daughter and significant other has just shown me how close to my happily ever after I am. It’s also shown me that the fear and reservations I had about whether I could do it or not were biased. I can do it. I am doing it. I’ve regrouped. I’ve smelled the roses. I’ve been reminded that I have nothing to worry about.

 I have a couple of projects lined up to complete, but nothing that has me banging my head against a wall in agony. The pressure I was putting on myself before to be more of everyone else and less of myself, has greatly subsided, especially in realizing that I’m exactly where I need to be right now. The fear that I was an utter mess that needed to hide away so no one can see it, no longer exists.

 I’m relishing in opportunity but more importantly, in the opportunity to be an unadulterated version of myself.



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