What Should I Do First?

The days leading up to a day off are always more exciting than the actual day off in my opinion. I can literally spend an entire work week mentally prepping myself for my day off. Creating lists of things to get done on that since I won’t have to worry about work eating up most of the hours in it. And almost always, those lists are extensive with me trying to get things done that I never get done in my weekends out of sheer laziness. After all, who wants to spend their Saturday running around when they can lazily lay in bed and flip through channels and catch up on shows they haven’t watched in days.

And then the actual day off arrives– and that list of things to get done doesn’t get looked at and not one thing gets done on it, because the day just turns into another lazy day, with the added benefit of being able to hit the snooze button on your alarm.

Unfortunately, tomorrow, or rather later today, I can’t succumb to the laziness of not having to go into work and wearing my game face. Tomorrow, or rather later today, I actually have to put some pep in my step and get some things done.

Since I’m officially all caught up on my school work and only have two more weeks of classes, now is just as a good of a time as any to finally start putting things into place for not only my mom in the next ten to eleven months, but getting some much needed writing down. I can only stare at so much material about how to get the writing process started and keep the momentum going before I’m just itching to spend a few hours in front of my laptop typing away and creating something, which is very much what I would like to do.

But aside from wanting to create something creative and begin my pursuit of writing a novel, I want to finish up some other loose ends that I have.

One of them being my hair. What started as quite the undertaking yesterday, still isn’t done. And as cute as it currently looks, it could be cuter. And since I can’t wear hats to work, I really need to finish it up, so it looks more than just cute with a hat on it.

I need to get started on studying for the GRE and getting my reference letters together. This is the month that I told myself I would get serious about it and quite frankly, I haven’t yet, so it’s time to get serious about it.

I have packing to do. Granted I do have some time before my weekend trip to see my boyfriend, I don’t want to leave everything until the last minute (again) to get done. Since I never really unpacked from the weekend trip to VA, it only makes sense that I go through what is still in that bag and just add things to ensure that I’m at least semi-packed as the date rapidly approaches.

And there is the current state of my room, that is crying out for much needed tlc due to it’s current state from not really unpacking since that trip to VA. So there’s a lot to cover there.

So really tomorrow, or rather later to day, the list of things that need to get done cannot be ignored anymore. I just need to figure out where to begin.


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