It Time to Get Serious…Again

When I first started this blog, all those months ago, my primary goal was to get myself to write. I wanted this blog to the journal to my ambitions. A way to clearly outline them and present them in a fashion that even the weariest of bloggers would be able to understand what I’m trying to achieve. But as of lately, I’ve been distracted and disconnected. My pursuits had come to an abrupt and startling stop. I became so consumed with everything else going on around me, that I was forgetting about myself, my goals, and dreams. I was putting them on the backburner and using the excuse of I’ll get to them eventually to not feel guilty about it.

But it’s time to get serious…again.

In less than a year, I plan on moving. In less than four months, I need to apply for that doctorate program that is the driving inspiration behind the move (although now, there are other factors that are driving the move).

I still want to start my company, or at least a portion of it, before the year is over. I still want to write a novel and have it published before my move to Maryland. And I still want to create that documentary that focuses on media representation of African American females.

The reasons I had for putting all of this on the backburner, weren’t good reasons and now that I’ve realized it, I want to become more serious in pursuits. To date, there is no reason why I can’t accomplish any of these things, or why I have to wait around for the perfecting time to even begin them. I’m a writer and I can’t forsake my craft for the pursuit of things that don’t bring me anymore happiness than the things I’m passionate about.

So, as of today, I’m going to pick up where I left off and leave the distractions that disabled me right where I found them.


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