The Real Question

Do you write because you love writing or do you do it for the money and potential fame?

This has been a question that I’ve been asking myself since first publishing “Rice Krispies“. Am I doing this because I love writing or am I doing this for the potential monetary benefits? Needless to say, once I published “Not That Good of Friends” I found my answer.

I write because I love writing. I love playing out these different scenarios in my head and creating characters and storylines to accompany them. I love sitting in front of my computer or a notebook and writing these ideas out. I love seeing how those first few words I write manifest themselves into a full fledged story that has it’s own personality to it. I love writing.

While I will admit after my first feat of publishing, I was greatly disappointed by the lack of immediate feedback and compensation I received for my work, I’ve realized that it isn’t something I should focus on. When I first decided to be an author, I decided to be one for the sake of having books and stories readily available to me regarding things that I wanted to read about that currently didn’t exist. As much as I loved romance novels, I wanted to see a more complex romance. I was honestly tired of the formula and most certainly sick and tired of the two people who fell in love in the piece ending up being together at the end of it, despite the pitfalls in the relationship. I wanted to read something different.

And I’m happy to say that everything I write is different. “Rice Krispies” focused on that gray area of relationships. “Not That Good of Friends” focused on the complexities of deciding who you should be with. Together, they provided a new scope of romance that didn’t make me feel like I was doing the whole “love” thing wrong.

So while it might take some adjusting for me to not check that reports page to see how my work is doing in the realm of self-published e-books, I’m determined not to stress over it. At the end of the day, I’m not writing my pieces for fame or money. I’m writing them because they are the kind of stories I would want to read and the kind of pieces that I love writing.


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