So I did a thing. I hit the publish button and within almost a few hours after doing so, my first piece of work became published and is now available for purchase by the masses.

The fear and anxiety that encumbered me from the start of this journey to publishing quickly overwhelmed me to completely fading away. It’s been done. I’m officially published. Self-published through Amazon, but published. There has been no greater joy over this weekend than being able to utter those words.

Now, I’ve entered this sort of double reality. One in which I want nothing more than to continue to write, edit, and publish so I can have new pieces readily available for all those interested in my work. The second in which I’m shocked to realize that I don’t know how to promote my work through the right venues to build the fan base that I desire.

Right now, I can admit I’m a bit scattered brain trying to do it all. Create, edit and publish new pieces all while trying to come up with an effective way to drive attention to my published works. It’s a work in process, but at least I did a thing and now I’m published.


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