What’s My Author Name?

I’ve done it. I’ve finished editing one of my pieces for publication. Now, I can begin worrying about the little things regarding its release again, such as whether to use my actual name, a variation of my name, or an alias. What I want my author’s bio to say and what I want the excerpt of what it is about to look like. And even more importantly the cover design and how I will market it to all those that might be remotely interested in it. 

It’s a relatively short piece, so I’m not stressed about pricing for it right now and will more than likely ensure it’s $2 or under for purchase. 

I’m just worried about not selling my work short and how long it will take me to complete the revisions for the other piece that I’m trying to edit for publication. I’m worried about how people will receive it and ensuring that my releases aren’t too far apart from each other that my potential audience will stop looking for my next work and stop supporting my writing. 

I know I’m probably being completely irrational, but in recognizing just how close I am to the finish line and knowing that I just have a few more finishing touches to make before it’s complete and whole and I can finally upload it and make it available for the world, I’m a bit stressed. There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done and I’m not quite sure where to begin with any of it.

But at this point, the most important stressor is what name I should use. Should I use my moniker of Nicki Daniels or should I just rely on my actual birth name?



3 thoughts on “What’s My Author Name?

    • Nicki Daniels says:

      For me, I had this piece for a few years now and my attachment to it, along with believing that it was one of my better pieces is what made me attach a monetary value to it. But I think it is entirely up to your own discretion. I would never equate the length of time you spent on a piece to determine how much it’s worth, though. I would always equate it to the quality.

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