I’m Close

I’m close. 

My online classes have concluded today and I have a month to recoup from it, which means, that I have gained some much needed time to start studying for the GRE which I hope to take no later than October as well as focusing on my writing, which I’ve put on the backburner for much longer than I should have.

But, I’m close. 

Yesterday I signed up for Udemy.com, which is a website that allows me to host online classes on subjects that I’m most passionate about. Considering that I have spent a great deal of time recently looking for online part-time adjunct professor jobs and haven’t been able to find one that would even consider me a potential candidate, finding this website was Godsend. So, I’m currently working on creating my first online course.

Aside from that, I’ve decided to revisit, once again, some of my older pieces that I’ve had sitting around and collecting dust. I’ve found at least four pieces that I could potentially publish right now. They are all short stories, with one being more flash fiction. 

In just two days, I’ve found myself much closer to my goals than I was at the beginning of the week and I can’t help but be excited about it. Soon, I can add published writer and online instructor to my resume and what better feeling is that. Granted, these current ventures are just the start and a way for me to get my feet wet, I’m excited to see what other opportunities they open up for me.   

So I’m finally close.



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