Writing Career

For the past couple of weeks, or maybe month now, I’ve been watching a past classmate of mine post rather regularly on her Facebook page about her writing journey. So far, she has exceeded her goal of having 12 published pieces this year and one of the novels she’s written is currently be discussed with multiple agents and publishing companies. On top of that, she’s prepping for her wedding and she’s teaching creative writing on a college level as well as attending and participating in numerous writing seminars and panels. Needless to say, I’m torn between being envious and extremely happy for the girl that sat across from me in my high school creative writing class that critiqued my work in the same manner I critiqued hers. 

Last night, after reading her latest status about a publishing company requesting a full copy of her manuscript for consideration and her discovering that the particular publishing company was not a good match for her creative talents, I couldn’t help but wonder why I haven’t been more proactive in my own writing career. I mean, I have short stories laying around here and there and I even have new pieces that are just waiting to get down on paper, so what’s my deal?

After talking to my boyfriend about how she’s living the life I had imagined for myself in terms of writing, I realized exactly what my deal is. I’m too ambitious.

Granted this particular past classmate had lofty goals for this year and accomplished them at the halfway mark, I have lofty goals and I haven’t put in the sweat, blood, and tears necessary to bring at least one of them into fruition. My boyfriend had shared a quote with me a little while back about how important action is. He had shared it because he believed I was purely proactive in ensuring that the life we deserved was exactly what we would have, but if I’m allowed to be honest, I haven’t been proactive. Instead, I’ve been sitting around thinking up all these great ideas and writing them down and waiting for them to sprout legs and turn into something. And I need to stop.

I want to focus on my writing career. I don’t want to haphazardly make mention that I’m a writer, have someone ask me to tell them about my latest work, and try to recall that story that I wrote in the beginning of the year. I need to be more serious about this and collecting and gathering writing resources isn’t going to help either. I’m thankful for the resources available, but the reality is, you can’t be a writer and have a writing career if you don’t write. I can’t obtain the levels of personal success similar to that of my past classmate until I give my all to it. So with that being said, as of today, I’m going to be more proactive regarding my writing career.

I’m going to craft some daily, weekly, and even monthly goals for myself. I’m going to review past pieces I’ve written, edit them, and finally publish them via Kindle. (I learned a really good way to earn money via Amazon and it starts with writing a bunch of short stories to be published.) I’m going to work on some larger pieces as well, such as those portions of longer pieces that I began but never finished because of my inability to sit still and see it all through. And most importantly, I’m going to chronicle my journey so I can see just how far I’ve come from the very first day.

It’s time to push my fears of publishing away, settle down and focus, and finally make headway with my career. After all, the only person that can ensure I’m a success is me.


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