The Sermon for the Week

Yesterday’s sermon focused on two things:


1.       Guarding yourself. Not letting everyone see everything there is to see when it comes yourself and your dreams and passions.

2.       Recognize what you perceive to be a burden or obstacle, as being the very thing you need to get to where it is you are trying to go.


In hindsight, they don’t really seem to correlate, but they do. And they are also universal truths that I’ve seemingly continued to ignore time and time again.


I’ve continued to allow anyone willing to sit and listen to me long enough to enter my world and see all the craziness that occurs in it. I’ve continued to open myself up and expose myself to these individuals in the hopes that they would be as understanding as they claim to be and be someone I can consistently turn to. What I’ve failed to realize is that when I expose myself in this way, I allow for people to develop opinions about me and my circumstances and feel as if they have a say in the matter. 


And in drawing the correlation between the two focus points of the sermon, I’ve showcased my burdens and obstacles to people who aren’t supposed to see or go through them, and allowed them to take it upon themselves to tell me how I should carry and dispose of them, ultimately trying to get me to forsake the journey I need to complete to get to where I need to be, because my burdens and obstacles are of an inconvenience to them. 


Of course the message didn’t really click to me until this morning as I was getting ready for work, but now that it has, I know that I have to do better in handling my burdens and obstacles and recognizing that not everyone is allowed to be privy to them. 


At the very end of the day, no one has to truly live with the decisions I make like I’ll have to, so I can’t have someone who isn’t living my life make all the decisions in it.



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