Expensive but Frugal

I have this bad habit of making these lavish plans for money before I even get it. And then when I get it, deciding to go against these lavish plans for the sake of keeping a loaded account balance.


I can’t remember when I decided to get a Polaroid or when I began to desire one, but my friend’s upcoming bachelorette party gave me even more reason to want one. Suddenly, I was making plans for my next paycheck to buy one so I could have it for the trip and planning all the events and things I would capture with it for potential memory books. Now, that I have the money needed to get the actual camera, I’m holding onto my purse strings and rethinking the whole thing. Is it really worth it to spend that much of a camera? Right now? Today?


Buyer’s remorse has to be the worse feeling ever, except I rarely get it. I get not having as much money as I hoped for remorse. It’s never a question of should I have bought this, but more of an argument that maybe, I should waited until I saved up a bit more for it. I have a bad habit of saving up what I currently have for an item, rather than making sure once I buy said item, I’d still have a cash balance in my account. That’s my issue. That has always been my issue.


The art of saving for a big ticket item has always eluded me. I save enough money for that item with no regard to the fact that I should have saved more than just that dollar amount, so once said item is purchased, I still have money leftover.


But this is my life and the reason that as soon as I get money I’m so quick to renege on the plans I originally made for it.  I just don’t like feeling like I’ve made great progress in saving money and now am back at square one or broke all over again.


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