Happy April Fools Day

When I was younger, April Fools Day was just as grand as any other holiday of the year. Everyone in my class would spend days and sometimes weeks prior, trying to come up with the perfect prank. Calculating and recalculating execution and gauging a possible response for it. I mean, who didn’t want to be the lead prankster on that day? The one with the best prank out of everyone else and who’s prank would be the basis of which everyone would try to top the following year.


I remember one year, our Science teacher gave us a test on April Fools Day. As soon as we walked into the classroom, he was handing out the test papers and each of us sullenly took them upset that we had forgotten to study for this test, that he had convinced us that he had told us about weeks prior. The entire class period was spent completing the test, with some of us scratching our heads in confusion and annoyance over not knowing the material and others smiling because they paid close enough attention in class to know the majority of the things asked. One by one we handed our tests in and waited for the rest of the class to finish and naturally, it took us until the end of the class period for everyone to complete it.


Once our Science teacher had all the test papers in his hands, he walked over to the trash can, ripped the tests in half and shouted “April Fools” just as the bell rang for us to change classes.


The wave of relief and shock that took over my class was unbelievable and I believe that was the last time my class, as a whole, engaged in April Fools Jokes. There was no topping that one.


Now as I sit here at work thinking about today and what is supposed to be occurring throughout it, I think I understand why I don’t see it as a special occasion anymore. Maybe it’s because I still can’t top the prank that my Science teacher pulled on my class back in elementary school. Or maybe it’s because today should be reserved those in elementary school, who can genuinely have more fun with it, because they aren’t trying to get you to believe a lie that they’ll wait until midnight to reveal to just be a farce. 


Regardless of what it is, at least I have one good story always worth sharing because of this day.



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