Finding Forever

This past weekend was unexpectedly pleasant. And I don’t mean that in I didn’t think it would be so nice or good, kinda way, but that it exceeded my expectations.

When it came to dating, I was always hesitant about meeting my significant other’s family. Mainly it had to do with the fact that my family generally never liked my significant other and I felt weird forming a bond with his family when he could never have one with mine. I inadvertently threw up a barrier between my exes and their families out of this weird necessity to not get close because it probably wouldn’t even be worth it in the long run.

But in meeting my boyfriend’s family, the apprehension I usually had about meeting a significant other’s family didn’t even get a chance to exist. Almost immediately I felt like family, like I had been dating my boyfriend much longer than I actually have and that this wasn’t my first time being around them. So much of their spirit and attitudes are equivalent to that of my family, so I just felt at home, instantaneously.

Aside from meeting his family and feeling welcomed immediately by them and feeling as if I was one of them, I got to spend my weekend wrapped up in the arms of my lover. Falling asleep next to him and waking up next to him, were more than amazing. It felt like we were more than just a couple who have been dating for a couple of months, but as if we were an engaged couple, on the verge of marriage. The entire time I was there, I felt like I was engaged. Like this visit was moreso a call to get everyone on board with helping to plan the wedding, than meeting them so they could finally meet the girl that their brother and son and uncle was constantly flying out of state to see.

I was blissfully happy throughout the entire duration of the trip. Even when I was falling asleep unexpectedly during movies that I said I wanted to see, because exhaustion refused to let me be great.

But most importantly, the very first feelings of forever that I felt upon first being with my boyfriend, haven’t gone away yet. I still feel like I’ve found my forever. I still feel like he is the one for me. The thoughts of marriage and a life together don’t feel like fantasies that I’ve resorted to living out in my head, they feel like a reality well on the way of occurring.

I’ve found my forever and nothing has changed my opinion about it.

I’m not even entirely sure how to sum up my weekend, adequately, except to say it was perfect.

My Happily Ever After


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