Making It Real

The hardest part of my current business venture is solidifying capital and ensuring that I’ll earn capital from it.

It’s at times like these that I wish money wasn’t so important. That people would buy into what it is I’m trying to do, recognize the importance of it, and support those whose careers I want to support. At this point, I don’t even care if I make money off of it. I’m more interested in providing a much needed and neglected outlet for writers and authors. But as passionate as I am about this venture and could honestly care less about making a profit, I just can’t burn a hole in my wallet financing the entire thing without so much as a return. If I was made of money with a constant stream of money, then by all means, but because I’m not, I have to think about possible money loss and gain.

So the real question I’m faced with, is how to find my audience and keep my audience interested and spending money for what I’m trying to accomplish?

There are tons of GoFundMe pages with people requesting money for an assortment of things, from money to finance projects and business ventures to funeral costs and assistance in paying their rent. Of course I could toss this business venture there and wait for a bit and then slowly remove the money I would need to save from the money to be used for this pot and not worry about how I’ll get by, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a profit. I’m sure I could take out a small loan to assist with paying for everything. But loans need to be paid back and I already have enough student loans to not make me want to take any form of a loan for anything.

So here I am, literally on the cusp of making it all a reality and faced with this roadblock. This very large and what seems unmovable roadblock with no possible detours.

But my boyfriend has told me that I just need to be patient. That it will work itself out. That we’ll figure it out and I shouldn’t worry. So I guess I won’t.

For now.


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