Purple Haired Profession

I want purple hair.

I want to work in a career where I can sport my purple hair and not have my abilities and ability to be professional, called into question. Especially considering that my hair color, of all things is not a testament to my work ethic.

Yet here I am, sporting a brownish reddish burgundy fusion on the tips of my hair in the hopes of adding some color and dimension to my normally dark hair. And here I am, disappointed, that the purple I really want to wear, I wont be able to wear unless I quit my job and work in retail. Or discover the ability to sing and get a contract and become a pop/ R&B singer of some sort.

I just want to take creativity liberties with my hair and not be judged because of it. I also don’t want to forsake my job or career because of it either.

I remember stumbling across this article in Cosmo over the summer, in which they took some of their office staff, primarily white females, and gave them ombre and brightly colored hair. All the women rejoiced over how edgy and funky it was and how nice it was to do something drastic to their hair. How their mini transformation, for the sake of the magazine having an article, encouraged others in the office to follow suit and did away with this myth that naturally colored hair was the only acceptable form of hair color that could be used.

I also remember overhearing the CEO of the company I work for telling her administrative assistant that when hiring a receptionist, ensure that she didn’t have any unnatural hair colors, for presentation purposes of course. And almost immediately, all I could think about was all the black girls who spent the time and effort into coloring and ombre-ing their hair to get it to look exactly the way they wanted and how they were eliminated from a possible job position before they could even say two words in their interview. Then I thought about how incredibly unfair it was.

But then I began to ponder, in what profession is it acceptable to have purple hair? Does a profession even exist?

Granted hair stylists, celebrities, tattoo artists, and all others who have more artistic careers where they are allowed to express themselves through their being are allowed to indulge in colorful hair dyes, what about the rest of us? Why are we tempted with a myriad of hair colors and images of women who have pulled them off and make them look so effortless and chic, but are forced to tone them down for the sake of the workplace for presentation purposes? How damaging are women sporting rainbow colored hair for the reputation of the company?

All I know is, once I start my own company, which is currently in the works (or rather the planning stages) I will be abandoning all rules of what presentable means in terms of hair color. Mainly because I want my purple hair, but also because why should all those women who took the time and effort into dying their hair that unnatural color be forced to dye it to a more natural color, just because they have a job.

*all pictures taken from Tumblr page:

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