Mobile Blogging

Part of the reason I choose the social media I choose to use is largely a result of whether or not they have a mobile component. As much as I enjoyed the days of MySpace, I didn’t like having to rush home to check for activities on it. Even the early days of Facebook were a bit torturous for me, not being able to see what was going on as it was going on.

When it came to blogging, it seemed especially important that whatever the platform, there must be a mobile component. Thoughts are constantly buzzing in and around my head and sometimes I need to compose that text right then and there, not race home to write it while hoping it remains in the forefront of my mind. Yet, the thought of mobile blogging makes me cringe a bit.

Maybe it’s because I’m being forced to type away my thoughts on a tiny screen and the amount of possible errors I can accrue from autocorrect are enough to make me want to write down mental notes for blog posts later. I mean, shouldn’t autocorrect be more helpful than it actually is?

But I digress.

As I sit here at lunch, mobile blogging, because I felt it important enough to discuss, I’m trying to determine if I’m as capable as I believe to be a blogger on the move. The kind of blogger who can snap a picture and then write a little something to go with it and feel satisfied that she isn’t going days without a post. I will admit, I’m very happy that as a mobile blogger, I can check my stats and know where my blog stands at all times.

So I guess with a bit more effort on my part, I can become a mobile blogger and no longer be confined by the limits of needing an actual keyboard.


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