My Birthday Gift to Me

I usually don’t pay too much attention to my dreams and if I do, I usually go straight to my boyfriend with them and let him help sort it all out.

Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be sleeping in this morning, but clearly I’m up at quarter to 8 am, while everyone else is asleep in the house. It never fails that on the days I get to sleep in, I always end up waking up early with an abundance of energy and the inability to fall back asleep. But I digress.

I had a dream that one of my friend’s had a baby, a close friend that really isn’t all that close anymore. My parents were throwing an elaborate party at our house and I kept dancing around and informing anyone that will listen that my color scheme for my 21st birthday was going to be purple and silver and that my parents were taking care of planning and throwing it for me. In saying all of this, I was hoping that the people I greeted with this unwarranted information would then turn to my parents and encourage them to give me the birthday party I was asking for.

It was at this elaborate party of my parents, that my daughter walks up to me my friend’s phone and shows me a picture of her daughter and informs me that she is at the party. My friend and I both look at her, because we had no knowledge of the baby being there, but we decided to follow her lead anyway in the hopes of seeing this baby, who turned out not to be there. But interestingly enough, my nephew and my friend’s niece were there. My friend’s niece who is currently two years old, was then thirteen years old, and towering over my currently nine year old nephew. I remember asking my friend how long her niece was, because I refused to believe that in the short time span of this child being two, that she could be so grown already.

That’s when they explained to me that the girl was thirteen and that my nephew, who still looked like a nine year old, was twenty-one. Immediately I praised him for his fantastic genes  and then wondered how he was possibly getting through life looking the same exact way he did at nine, voice, height, and all, when he was really much older.

After all of that, I was in the yard addressing my gardening to a fellow neighbor as some guy came home on my block and retreated into his house before returning to the street with a posse of people (and by posse, I mean like 3-4 other individuals). I choose to ignore them and continue to talk to my elderly neighbor about the potted garden I had and set up in front of one of the cars in our driveway.

That guy and his friends then began to help me garden and toss away old pasta that had been sitting around in a bag near my garden. Since I wasn’t too bothered taking the trash to the garbage can in the back, the guy did it and each time our dog, Milk, barked at him. Finally, I decided to throw the trash away in the hopes that Milk wouldn’t break through her fence and attack him.

And then the dream changed again and I had a puppy, my very own dachshund that I was more than thrilled to have and very happy to have purchased for myself for my birthday. I had literally financed everything for my pooch. I had even purchased a nice kennel for him and was already researching doggy daycares to take him to when I couldn’t be with him. Every step that could be taken when it comes to purchasing a puppy and bringing it home, had been taken care of and I was immensely proud of myself for such a feat, and for getting myself the one birthday gift that no one else could get me.

Even my fear of my daughter hurting my poor pup had faded away because of how gentle and loving she was with him.

And then I woke up, determined to find a kennel, someone selling puppies, or a shelter in which I can price out exactly how much getting the beloved dachshund that I’m clearly meant to be a owner of would cost me. Then I discovered being a foster parent and my heart leaped for joy.

Maybe a puppy will be my birthday gift to me. Or at the very least, taking the proper steps and properly saving for a puppy will be my birthday gift to me. There’s nothing more exciting than pet ownership.


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