“…what shall we name it?”

It was the very first question I asked once I sat down in front of my computer and stared at the WordPress.com create a blog screen. What shall I name it?

I hadn’t anticipated coming up with a name to be nearly as difficult as it turned out to be. But in my defense, I can be a bit of perfectionist at times, and when the idea came to me to start a blog, all I could think about was all that I intended to accomplish with it, versus what I would actually name it. I refused to just slap a name on it for the sake of giving it a name, so I could start composing the posts that I had no doubt in my mind I should be publishing. For almost a week, I hemmed and hawed, trying to come up with the perfect name.

I didn’t want this blog to be a personal blog, so linking it directly to a name or something closely associated with me was out. Besides, the social media moniker I had developed and used with every social media website that I was a part of, no longer felt as unique or as special as it once was. I didn’t want this blog to focus primarily on motherhood, or rather my version of motherhood, so the moniker that I had created and used throughout my pregnancy and the first couple years of my daughter’s life was also ruled out.

I took up much of my conversations with my boyfriend trying to get him to help me brainstorm on name ideas. The only problem with that was the fact that he was somewhat stuck on this one concept that just didn’t seem fitting to me. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t toy around with it before mentally ruling it out, or rather making it the very last option.

Each day without the perfect name became more and more frustrating to me. I was ready to brand myself. I was ready to make these well thought out posts. I was ready and the name for it such a venture didn’t exist yet. Finally, after a week of deliberation, I decided to listen to Jazmine Sullivan’s new album “Reality Show.” I listened to each song, trying to figure out ways in which I could incorporate them into my blog title. And then, as the last song on the album finished, it came to me.


I immediately told my boyfriend, who agreed that it was perfect, but had to ask the question if the title wasn’t too close to my usual social media moniker, thus implying a more personal tone to the blog than originally intended. After assuring him that it didn’t, he expressed all the excitement that I could have hoped for him to express and I rushed home to finally create the blog that I spent the majority of my week trying to create.

And thus #Nicki was born. A blog dedicated to helping me accomplish all that I’ve set out for myself to accomplish, such as publishing a work of literature, creating a documentary, talking about the more pressing things on my mind, providing my insights on the state of the world and parenthood, creating the basis of my dissertation for the doctoral program I’m applying for, and the encouragement to keep me pushing forward to do it all.

It may seem like a lot and it may even seem like an ambitious undertaking, but I’m an ambitious woman with the intent of being more than all talk. So this is me turning all my talk into action.


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